Justin Timberlake has apologized for a video of homeless people congratulating him and bride Jessica Biel.

The video, produced by Timberlake's friend Justin Huchel, is entitled "Greetings From Your Hollywood Friends Who Just Couldn't Make It". Gawker.com posted an excerpt of the eight-and -a half minute video on its website Oct. 24, which prompted a firestorm of negative responses from people who called the video "insensitive" and "degrading".

Gawker took the video down after threats of a lawsuit from Huchel's legal team, saying it was a "a private joke without Mr. Timberlake's knowledge."

Timberlake posted an "open letter" on his website saying he was unaware of the video but nevertheless apologized for it, and added that it was not shown at his wedding, contrary to reports.

The apology can be found here...http://justintimberlake.com/