Just when you thought Tom Brady reached his peak of awesomeness, he goes and does this.

Tom appeared in a commercial last night for Shields Healthcare, and he took a jab at NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. It was the jab heard 'round the world.

Of course, Goodell suspended Brady for the first four games of this season after concluding his investigation into #DeflateGate.

The ad, which has been airing since October, was slightly modified after the legendary quarterback won his 5th Super Bowl. In the original ad, seen at the top of this post, Brady was seen placing his four Super Bowl rings into a locker. In that add, the Shields rep asked Brady if that's all, to which he replies, "for now".

The ad that aired last night featured a different answer, where he hands over his newly acquired 5th ring. After doing that, he trolls the commissioner by saying, "Roger that!"

It's official, he is the GOAT.