If Dad Dancing is number four on this list, you know the top three are cringe-worthy!

I'm the father of two adorable baby girls... Luckily, they don't get embarrassed by me yet, but I'm sure it's coming. Especially considering that I commit all four of the embarrassing dad-things listed below, on a daily basis.

When it comes to Dad, sometimes it seems he goes out of his way to embarrass the children. It's kind of his thing, and believe me, he absolutely loves it.

A new study found the top four things that dads do that are too embarrassing.

SWNS Digital ranked the silly stuff dad does, and even found that "dad dancing" starts earlier than anyone could imagine. Apparently, dad's embarrassing dance moves come when he's just 37 years old.

Their top four are listed below, and you can read the entire story by clicking HERE.


1. Telling bad jokes

2. Dressing with no style

3. Stinking up the bathroom

4. Dad Dancing