If you live in Louisiana, you're a different breed. You're part of the most unique, diverse group of people ever assembled throughout the great states of america.

Here in Louisiana, we don't see race or wealth, we see friends and family. We throw parties for absolutely no reason and everyone's invited. We rip tails and suck heads, and sometimes we show select body parts to receive small, plastic beaded necklaces.

We are unique and we love it, but don't be surprised if someone outside the boot state asks you one of these questions.



  • 1

    If You Like The Saints, What’s With All The Purple And Gold?

    Look, down here we like three things. Saints, LSU, and crawfish. And yes, we can like all three of those things at the same time.

  • 2

    Why Do You Have So Many Newspapers?

    The answer to this is quite simple. You need somewhere to place the Crawfish, and newspapers make excellent crawdaddy coasters.

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  • 3

    What Exactly Is Boudin?

    Think of it like this, Boudin is a combination of everything we know and love. Boudin will make any Louisiana man or woman drop whatever they're doing, just to have a bite.

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  • 4

    Just What Exactly Are Cracklins?

    Cracklins are simply fried pork rinds. If these suckers are only found here in Louisiana, then we now feel even more sorry for the 49 other states.

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  • 5

    Run Into Any Gators Lately?

    Depending on where you live, the answer to this question may actually be yes. But even our Louisiana gators are a little nicer than the other swamp monsters across the country.

  • 6

    Do You Know A Bunch Of Voodoo Stuff?

    The best answer here is, "Yes, I study voodoo and have a doll like looks just like you if you want to talk trash about it."

  • 7

    Why Is The Sweet Tea So Much Better Here?

    Look, anyone can make sweet tea, i get it. Only in Louisiana is our sweet tea only made by sweet, southern hands.

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  • 8

    Have You Ever Been To Mardi Gras In New Orleans

    While I think we all can agree, every human being on Earth should experience Mardi Gras in the crescent city, some people simply can't. As Shreveport knows, you don't have to go down south to fully enjoy everything Mardi Gras has to offer.

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  • 9

    What’s In Gumbo, Anyway?

    People outside of Louisiana are so enamored by our delicious cuisine. Never tell anyone our secrets, but invite them to our great state to try it our themselves.

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  • 10

    LA? As In The City?

    No. We are the real LA, that other place out west is OK, but it's no Louisiana!

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