When Will The Closings in Shreveport Stop?

It feels like we are hearing of a Shreveport restaurant closing down weekly. Unfortunately, the closing-down madness isn't slowing down anytime soon, we just found out about another spot closing down in Shreveport.

Shreveport Was Elated to Find Out We Were Getting Our Very Own Filipino Restaurant.

Boka announced on their Facebook page in May that they were opening a brand new restaurant in North Shreveport at 1727 North Market Street. Boka featured Chamorro and Filipino cuisine. If you don't know what Chamorro is, it is food locals in Guam love.

Boka Opened Up on North Market and It Looked Busy Every Time I Drove Past.

Boka is opened on Monday, May 1st between Dixie Floors and Burger King, in the strip mall location on North Market. The restaurant didn't last 4 months before they closed down. What happened?

We know that Boka is interested in donating all of their kitchen equipment to a nonprofit and we love that they are trying to help the community out even in the midst of them shutting down the operation.

Several Shreveport Residents Loved Getting Their Foodie Fix and There Were Multiple Raving Reviews.

Where can we go for Chamorro & Filipino Cuisine? It looks like we will have to settle for pop-ups showcasing Chamorro & Filipino Cuisine for now or make a drive to Dallas.

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