This is like some Final Destination stuff here!

A viral dash-cam video shows a truly terrifying situation and one that I think about all the time.

For those who don't know, my one true claim to fame happened to me when I was about 18-years-old. It was the highlight of my life and sa story I still tell on a weekly basis. I was driving along on 31-32 one day, and in the distance I see a floating plastic Wal-Mart bag. It was a good half a mile down the road.

The wind is knocking this thing around every which way, but as I got closer, for some reason I stuck my hand out of the window. Mind you, I was driving almost 70 miles per hour, and in my mind, I could just stick out my hand and catch this drifting bag. Sure enough, as I got right on the bag a big gust of wind pushed it from my passenger side to the driver's side and WHOOOSH. There it was, in my hand.

Sad that that's my claim to fame, right?

Since then, I'm always weary of floating bags on the highway. This situation caught on tape is much more serious. As a driver was making her way down the road, going pretty fast, a large, black trash bag somehow got caught on her windshield, blocking her view completely. This lasted for nearly 20 seconds, as the driver was somehow able to stop the car without causing a wreck.

What a scary moment!