A live action Barbie movie has recently been announced by Sony with news that Amy Schumer will be playing the lead role of Barbie. The story is to encourage girls to find self confiedence and inner beauty.

 TBH, it sounds like a perfect role for Schumer, who has openly advocated for positive body image and thinking beyond traditional beauty standards. -Cosmopolitan

The trolls of the world heard the news and crawled out of their dark angry holes to throw shame and hate around like an ugly frisbee.

Seriously! I would like to be the first in line to give this guy a swift kick to the grundle.

This guy deserves a kick as well. Despite the stupidity of these trolls, I am excited about Schumer playing Barbie. She is someone I appreciate in Hollywood. She stands up for what I think is important in the industry by breaking the skinny girl stereotype in movies. Although, I am not a huge fan of her comedies, I dig her ideas.

Even though the trolls have tried to ruin the fun, Fans are still supporting Schumer.