No one was hurt, and that alone is a miracle.

Have you spent any amount of time lately listening to FOX Sports Radio? I only ask, because if you have been, you've probably heard a strange, random commercial. Just the other day I was driving around listening to some guy talk about Tiger and the Masters. Literally, he goes from talking about Tiger's comeback, to talking about trains not being able to stop on their tracks. It was the most random thing ever. Even the host made a little joke about how random it was, but it was a paid ad, and they had to do it.

Basically the ad asks, "Do you think a train will stop if you're stuck on the tracks? Yes it will, about 200 yards after it crushes your car". I may be paraphrasing, but it went something like that.

Well, now we know why that ad exists.

We have a viral video showing a semi truck stuck on some train tracks. Luckily, the driver was able to get out and get to safety before the train came bulldozing in, literally demolishing the truck.

You have to see this!


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