'True Blood' town... that sounds pretty darn cool doesn't it? If you read the books by Charlaine Harris, Doyline, LA could be Bon Temps if it really existed. After all, I'd love to see Jason and Hoyt on the side of the road doing construction for Renard Parish.


Sadly, that sight shall remain in Charlaine Harris' head... and in the imaginations of her legions of fans! Either way, NBC News calls Doyline the 'True Blood' town since some of the scenes from the popular HBO series have been filmed there... like forever ago, but we'll take it!

Check out True Blood Louisiana filming locations here. Then, when you're done with that, let's get back to the real story.

Residents of Doyline were voluntarily evacuated over the weekend to facilitate the safe removal of improperly stored explosives at Camp Minden. In fact, six million pounds of explosives are being moved out of the area on 18-wheelers.

Food for thought: if you smoke, you might not want to throw your butts out the window. Just saying!

Oh yeah, and not everyone evacuated. Props to the elderly couple who protected themselves from the three would be robbers trying to take advantage of the situation. Remember, you do live in Louisiana and most people are armed. Not a good idea there, sparky!