You gotta shake things up. You gotta think outside the box. You have to try new thing to stay relevant in the marketplace.

And you have to do something when you're #2 and the real king of the burger franchises is Mickey D's.

McDonald’s has been around for nearly 60 years and yet continues to utterly dominate not only the quick-service burger segment, but franchises in general. (Franchise Chatter)

Yeah, BK rolled out the meatless burger trend with the Impossible Whopper and it caused a lot of noise. Then came the chicken sandwich wars and well...we're all looking for the next big trend to get bodies through the door and in line at the drive through.

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But I don't know about this.

When I first saw it I thought photoshop. Someone's pulling my leg. This can't be real, but it is. And why?

Who at the round table threw this out and everyone said, "Bet! Let's do that."'re Burger King...home of the Whooper...not...

Tuna. At BK. All day. On a bun or a croissan'wich.

I'm Why?

And then over in the corner: also available "Tuna, egg, and grits platter".

That doesn't go together nor does it sound right. Who asked for that?

Who asked for a tuna sandwich at BK at all.

Subway yes. I get it. Definitely. Jimmy John's yes.

If I'm in the Bahamas, get me some fresh fish out the ocean.

Even at my hungriest and most adventurous, I'm not rolling into BK and asking for this.

I don't think I'm trusting ANY burger chain with making tuna fish or chicken salad.

Big Fish at BK I'll do. Tuna fish?

Nah bruh.

And hopefully, they'll keep this one in the Bahamas.

According to the comments on the FB photo above, they're not thrilled about it there either.

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