I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK GOD.

I know for sure I speak for Will Smith when I say that. He's not a huge fan of humanoid robots...

Earlier this week, a video showing the most realistic robot walking up a driveway went completely viral. For a solid day, it was on every social media feed I have, and the reactions were always the same. Usually something like, "OMG NOOOOOO" or "THE END IS NEEEEEAAAARRRR".

People were freaking out, and rightfully so, this thing looked ready and willing to singlehandedly take over the world and control the global population.

Seriously, it looked so real that I convinced myself that somehow that was a real person inside of a robot costume.

Thankfully, it was not real at all.

It was actually the product of some pretty slick computer animation. Bravo to whoever created it, but please, never do that again.


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