Tomorrow you may put on your knee and elbow pads and tie up your skates for a night with the Twin City Roller Derby team. According to their Facebook event page, they will be hosting a new recruit night.

They will be having their recruit night over at the Highland Center Ministries at 6 pm to 9 pm. You will learn fundamentals and other techniques. All you have to bring for the night is a water bottle and a mouth guard- they will supply the rest. This is a perfect way to get into shape and also meet a whole lot of really cool people.

And don't let my freak accident with the sport change your mind about giving roller derby a shot. My accident was exactly that- a freak accident. The team that will be training you and preparing you for the sport know what they are talking about and are their to help you every step of the way. If you don't remember what happen to me last October check it out in the link below.

Their next game will be against Acadiana Roller Girls on June 23rd. You can check out their full schedule here.

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