I may or may not have watched this video 37 times today.

Someone posted a video of two neighbors going at it on a sidewalk and one of the combatants didn't see this one coming.

Watch as the two men slug it out, with one man walking away asking himself what just happened.

The shorter guy in this video apparently failed to take the other combatants "Reach" into consideration when he squared-up with him and he learned a lesson---the hard way.

The taller guy catches the shorter guy with a few good punches, then stuns him with a quick kick. But it didn't end there, the fight ends with a solid kick to the shorter guys ribs and that's it.

It doesn't look like anyone was seriously injured here, but you can easily reward this fight to the man dressed in all black. He is a bad man and he has some skills.

Seriously, this was like a real-life fight from a game you'd play on Xbox or Playstation. And some folks have already edited the video below with the sounds you'd expect to hear on a game.

I'll go on the record here and say that this is probably the last time these two slug it out. Or at least I hope so.

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