If you didn’t get it from the endless reminders throughout the MTV Movie Awards Sunday, Tyler Posey and ‘Teen Wolf’ is back with a new season filled with werewolf hunters, teen boys growing hair in strange places, and, of course, too many shirtless scenes than necessary. Wait, what are we talking about? There are never enough shirtless scenes, especially if Posey is involved.

It’s a little strange to think that the main ‘Teen Wolf’ star is (well, first off, nothing like the original ‘Teen Wolf’ Michael J. Fox. And secondly,) the same guy who played Jennifer Lopez’s little boy in the movie ‘Maid in Manhattan.’ Yeah, we just rocked your world a bit.

Now 20, Posey has followed in the same footsteps of every guy on The CW network, Taylor Lautner, and ‘The Hunger Games’ heartthrobs Josh Hutcherson and Alexander Ludwig — meaning he’s bulked himself up to appear somewhat older than he is. Should we be complaining, though?