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Listen up Louisiana residents!  If you've worked hard for the money our gracious government sees fit to take from you in the form of taxes, and just maybe you'd like to have what they overcharged you for back - I've got good news!

According to the latest from Business Report, a whole bunch of your hard-earned dollars are just sitting there waiting for you to bring it home.  A reported $10 million is waiting for 12,818 residents and businesses from across the state to claim right now!  Here's the catch - it won't be waiting around forever.

Almost unbelievably, most of this cash has already been sent out to the proper intended recipient in the form of a paper check.  According to the report, these check have been sitting idly by collecting dust!  If you haven't seen yours, is it possible that you mistook it for "junk" mail and trashed it?  Did you throw away money?

Relax, if you think that you were supposed to receive state tax refund check from Uncle Louie (Louisiana's government nickname that I just made up) - you can still lay claim to those sweet dollars.  If you missed out the first time, you should be getting a letter with the forms you need to grab your cash - don't throw this one away!  You'll need to fill out the forms and mail it back before Sept. 15th of this year.

If you don't make the deadline, your cash will be handed over to the state treasurer's office to be rolled into Louisiana’s unclaimed property program - which means you will still be able to get it, but that's a completely different bureaucracy to navigate.

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