What's the latest trend in fashion? It's one that no one knows about but you... Unless you decide to blab like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Seems like she's bragging to everyone how she decorates her, um... lady parts. That'll work!!! Think of Vajazzling like Spirit fingers for your who-haw!

So what is vajazzling? It's the practice of decorating your 'area' by gluing on stones and other decorations like Swarovski crystals. It was made popular by a spa in New York City called Completely Bare Spa. Apparently, they were looking for ways to make their clients happy post waxing down there! According to the spa owner, men love the dazzle of a vajazzle!!!

Seriously, Jennifer has been making the rounds. The A&E upfronts, Lopez Tonight, even Conan. Jenn says, 'It's like having a sparkly secret in your pants.' Frankly, it's only a secret if  you keep it a secret but rock on Jennifer! Check out some of her vajazzling glory below!

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