In the house of Victoria and David Beckham, home movie genres transcend Christmas morning and trips to the beach — instead, the family of six screens Spice World

Victoria told Seth Meyers on last night's (September 12) Late Night episode that her four kids are, indeed, familiar with her pop star past, and the way it was exaggerated in the 1997 girl group's comedy. And yes, they still watch together, she said.

"They know the Spice Girls, they know that mummy wore the heels and did the pout and point," she said. "They're proud. We watch the movie together and when I was on tour with the Spice Girls, I took the children with me."


Soon, though, it might be the family that's taking Posh on tour. She noted her son, 11-year-old Cruz, has musical aspirations and her daughter, five-year-old Harper, has dual penchants for fashion and athletics.

"I mean we are like a traveling circus, our family," she said. "We sing. We dance. We do football. We do fashion."

"[Harper's] a little tomboy playing in the garden, with her brothers playing football, and David as well," she added. "But she's also very girly, so she loves to play with makeup. She has been able to run in a pair of high heels for a long time. I'm so proud."

Now, if Harper can learn to drive a double-decker bus while sporting stilettos, the family legacy will have been completely cemented.

The Beckhams will see you on the road.

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