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Jon Bernthal's got that weird thing that I like in an actor.  He plays a (sometimes fatally) flawed hero to a T.  If you haven't caught his work, you're missing out.  Shane from AMC's The Walking Dead's earlier (and way better, imho) seasons, the Punisher (from the Netflix series), Fury (the WWII movie with Brad Pitt and Shia LeBouf), and tons of other good (but bad) guys have been brought to life by this guy.

The latest news out of the Hollywood Reporter is that Mr. Bernthal just signed the paperwork on a new series he will co-write and star in about us.  More specifically - Shreveport, Louisiana in the early 1990's.  The project is called The Bottoms, but that's about all that's clear at this point.

Writer Ben Watkins will reportedly work with Bernthal on this drama that involves "interconnected systems of family structures, friends and neighbors, law enforcement, and criminality" - and they are basing it on Ratchet City during one of its toughest eras.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I am assuming by the little information we do have that it will be based on the gang violence that plagued the Bottoms and Allendale neighborhoods in particular during the time it is supposedly set.  I am expecting a lot of brooding (Bernthal is good at that), shootouts, and lots of cool 90's music.

I do have a few questions.  Like, where they would be filming?  Shreveport seems like an obvious choice, but they could shoot it lots of places.  Is it based on real events from our history?  Also, when would filming take place and when would could expect to see the final result?  I guess time will tell on that one.  Until then, let me know if you see a film set featuring the guy from the Punisher walking away from an explosion while the Macarena blares in the background.


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