Today, while surfing the internet, I came across a study where the results made me want to physically vomit.

Buzzfeed ran a story that showed basically we American's love ketchup,but some of us love it a little too much. Look, I enjoy ketchup on a lot of stuff, mainly French fries and burgers, and it looks like most of us are the same.

86% of people put ketchup on French fries and 85% put it on burgers, according to the survey. After those two foods though, things get downright disgusting.

Check out how sick some of us are!


1.  Fried chicken, 42% put ketchup on it.

2.  Scrambled eggs, 37%.

3.  Potato chips, 14%.

4.  Pizza, 13%.

5.  Steak or pot roast, 10%.

6.  Pasta, 8%.

7.  Nachos, 5%.

8.  Chinese food, 3%.

9.  Pancakes, 2%.

10.  Ice cream, 1%. 


So tonight, I brought the family to Grub Burger Bar on 70th for dinner. I even tried a little ketchup with my chocolate shake, which is pretty much ice cream, and it was, without a doubt, the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. How can human beings actually put ketchup on this stuff and it not be because they lost a bet?