It seemed like a happy marriage so when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony suddenly announced a divorce, it made you wonder if there was some sorta of scandal involved. They haven’t started talking about their reasons for a separation yet, but there is a lot of speculation that Jennifer was having an affair.

In J.Lo’s video ‘I’m Into You’, she gets hot and heavy with the Cuban Brad Pitt, William Levy. After they did the video, William left his wife, and now suddenly J.Lo is single too. William denies the affair, saying their relationship was only professional. Check out the steamy video below!

But Jennifer is gonna have her hands full if William is her new guy. William is being sued by a minor for sexual battery. The minor claims he lured her into his dressing room for an autograph and wouldn’t let her leave. Then she was forced to do favors and he got rough with her. She also claims he gave her an STD.

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