This video has gone absolutely viral showing a car come out of no where and cause a crash. It's absolutely freaky.

The internet has been up in arms today over a mysterious dash cam video. The footage looks completely raw an unedited, so it would be hard to conclude it's been doctored with. Still, most people aren't sure exactly what we're seeing!

It's truly the type of video you have to watch several times, just to try and come up with a reason it happened. The footage shows a car driving normally across an intersection, then out of no where, another car comes crashing into it's front end.

It could be anything I guess... Shadows, window glares, glitched footage... But after watching the video too many times to count, it looks like a bizarre coincidence.

From the angle it's shot at, it appears the car would be in the shot the entire time, but was moving at the exact same pace as the vehicle that's in sight. So it's pretty much hiding behind it, accidentally.

See the footage below for yourself!