This guy should be inducted into the Jenga Hall of Fame right this second.

Some of you may know who Pat McAfee is. For those who don't, he was an exceptional punter in the NFL for quite a while, and he's possibly the funniest guy on the planet. Truly, Pat is a gem, and we're all lucky to share the Earth with him. If you're not following him on social media, you are missing out.

Anyways, on Easter Sunday, Pat uploaded a video to Instagram showing his dad's UNREAL Jenga move.

I believe I tried the same move a time or two at the Sandbar in downtown Shreveport, although, I was never successful.

This dad, though, is the freakin' Bruce Lee of Jenga, at least according to his son.

In the footage, we see Dad McAfee punch one side of a Jenga block, then go to the other side and swiftly pull it out. I have no clue how this worked, but it's here now for all of the world to enjoy.

Watch out, a little profanity can be heard in the video below.