This is some scary stuff that happened in one of our favorite vacation spots.

For those who don't know, once upon a time I lived in Destin, FL. It was 2009 and I was on the air with "The Party Station FLY 92.1. I will always remember that time in my life, so much fun in one of the most beautiful spots in the country. I am still friends with several folks that live down there, so I was pretty shocked when this popped up on my Facebook timeline. When I lived there, I never went through anything quite like this. No storms or hurricanes, and certainly no waterspouts.

This actually took place in Fort Walton Beach, just outside of Destin. A guy filmed a massive waterspout from his patio, and the sight is truly tremendous, and downright scary. The waterspout hits land and damages several structures, then it goes back to the bay and powers up again, before returning back to the land.

Warning: Profanity.

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