Some people have talent, of course, but I'm not sure many people on the planet can pull this off.

Look, I'm in the "business", and I can kind of grasp the level of difficulty here. Of course, radio and television are very different, but I can respect what this woman did, because it's flat-out incredible.

Lauren Olesky is a meteorologist in West Palm Beach, Florida, and she will freakin' blow your mind. She's really good at two things... Reading the weather, and solving Rubik's Cubes. Naturally, her loving co-workers decided to challenge her to combine the two. Surely they expected her to fail, but my goodness she did anything but.

She actually pulled it off. Nailed both the forecast and the Rubik's Cube. Meanwhile, if I'm on the radio and get a Facebook notification, I'm thrown off track for five minutes.

What a beast!



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