Have You Ever Loved Ranch so Much You Would Put Ranch in a Flask? This New Box is Calling All Ranch Lovers.

If you have avoided using Hello Fresh, but you are a lover of ranch, this new partnership might just have you ordering from the food delivery company.

Hidden Valley partnered with Hello Fresh for mail-order flights of ranch dressing. Yes, you read that correctly for $35 you can get saucy. According to Hidden Valley, you get four flavors of ranch to taste-test and they will also hook you up with snacks for dipping. Oh we can't forget, the ranch flask. Can we get some cholesterol meds too?

These ranch flights are a limited-time-only thing you can get your flight at HelloFreshRanchFlight.com. The website said; "Get saucy with HelloFresh's limited-edition Ranch Flight! Discover a tasting experience like no other with specialty ranch flavors including Gogogochujang and All Bay Long. You'll get perfectly paired snacks and a Ranch flask so you're always ready when ranch cravings strike!"

Check Out the Four Different Flavors of Ranch You Can Score:

All Bay Long: Ranch mixed with Old Bay Seasoning.

GoGoGochujang: (go-go-GO-choo-jayng) Ranch with garlic powder and red chili paste. (Gochujang is a chili paste used in Korean food.)

Goucho Rancho: Southwest seasoning and chipotle powder.

Frankenranch: Ranch mixed with Frank's Red Hot.


If You Hate Hidden Valley, This Flight is Not For You.

It is safe to say that we are proud ranch dressing snobs in the south. If you had to pick one spot in Shreveport-Bossier that makes the best ranch which place would you pick? Personally the ranch at Flying Heart Brewing & Pub is delicious.

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