September 22nd is a very special day. Chances are you did not know that there was such a beautiful day dedicated to WOman's best friend. At least I didn't know that such a day existed until now. September 22nd is National Make a Dog's Day. I have come up with a few ideas for us to try on our pups.

  1. Take them shopping. My dog Olive loves trips to Home Depot and Lowe's. Of course, her favorite trip of all is a trip to Petsmart.
  2. Take your dog to get a burger. Did you know restaurants like 5 Guys allow you to take your dog and enjoy their patio? The crew also serves up delicious patties just for your K-9 companion.
  3. Enjoy a hike or a long walk. It's not crazy hot anymore, that means your puppy can actually enjoy a long walk without suffering from heat exhaustion.
  4. Enjoy your coffee on a patio. Instead of hanging out inside of Rhino or Starbucks, choose the patio and bring your favorite 4 legged coffee date. Make sure yiu bring their water bowl.

If you don't have a dog, let me tell you there is no better feeling than coming home to a dog. They are thrilled and beyond excited that you made it home, I wish I was that happy to see people. If you wish you had your own welcoming home committee, just adopt.

Celebrate National Dog's Day by welcoming a new furry family member into your home. We have so many pets in the Ark-La-Tex needing new homes. You can help make a difference.