You have heard the saying that "Everything is bigger in Texas" and now Texans can say that everything is healthier in Texas? Whataburger is the spot to go to when you want a "healthy" cheeseburger.

When You Think About Burgers You Don't Necessarily Think Healthy, Right?

Many of us give up burgers and all the food we love most when we go on a diet, what if we didn't have to give up our favorite cheeseburger just to lose weight?

Allegedly Whataburger Makes the Healthiest Cheeseburger in the Fast Food World., took a break from everything sports betting to talk about healthy food, well not really healthy food, more like the healthier options when it comes to fast food.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps
loading... collected all the nutritional values of some of our favorite fast food chains and they broke down each cheeseburger's nutritional values.

The Cheeseburgers Nutritional Values Were Broken Down Into Four Categories.

The four factors were sugar, fat, sodium, and calories. Every single metric was broken down into how much each burger had per ounce and then all kinds of math was used to create a score.  The best score is a 10, so the closest to a 10, the healthier it gets.

According to's Metrics, These are the 5 Healthiest Cheeseburgers You Can Enjoy:

1. Whataburger – Whataburger with cheese: 8.4
2. In-N-Out Burger – Cheeseburger: 8.2
3. Checker's/Rally's – Checkerburger with cheese: 6.3
4. Culvers – ButterBuger Cheese: 5.7
5. Del Taco – Del Cheeseburger: 5.5 (Why does Del Taco have cheeseburgers?)

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