This week's featured app is about looking for deals on cute clothes and accessories. I am sure you have seen apps like Wayfair or Wish, where you find really decent deals on cute stuff. Well this is very similar. The app is called Jane.

This app was first suggested to me by friend of mine who is a teacher. We were talking about shopping on a budget and she told me about Jane. She used the app to stock up on her teacher outfits without breaking the bank.

In the app you can look at a variety of items from thousands of sellers. They have items for men and women, children, and pets. They also have a few things for your home. The way the app works, much like Wayfair and Wish, deals are always coming and going. What items you see for sell this week will be different from the ones next week. You can also look at their website to get a better idea of what items you can find by clicking here.

This app is free and available for both iPhone and Android users.