February 22, 2011

Rihanna and Katy Perry go back and forth on Twitter? Olivia Munn has a new reason to be "Glee"ful? And what does Justin Bieber give his Valentine? We've got all this and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!!!

Is there bad blood between former best friends Rihanna and Katy Perry? First, Rihanna had to miss Katy Perry's wedding last summer due to what was later described as a scheduling conflict. Many people determined it had something to do with Rihanna's ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp not wanting her to go. Now, Katy has returned the favor and skipped out on Rihanna's huge 23rd birthday bash. Rihanna celebrated on Sunday with many celebrity friends but Katy couldn't make it. She tweeted Rihanna saying, "Happy birthday boo. Wish I could b there to blackout! Luv U!" Rihanna wrote back immediately and she clearly wasn't mad. She said, "I missed ur WEDDING!! This is small stuff boo! When work calls."

1900 invites to the Royal Wedding are in the mail! Sources say the majority of the invites are strictly for friends and family of the couple but a few celebrities did make the cut. David and Victoria Beckham have received their invite. Some insiders are saying that we shouldn't be surprised if Kanye West gets an invite as well. He performed for a party Prince Harry threw last year and is supposedly still friends with the brothers. Who was left OFF the list? Sarah Ferguson was snubbed and the Obamas were not invited either. The Obamas aren't technically friends with the Royal family so they weren't expecting an invite.

Olivia Munn must really love herself some "Glee". She has seemingly moved on from Justin Timberlake and is now dating Matthew Morrison. They were photographed at a hockey game in NYC last night holding hands and kissing. This is the first time they've been spotted together in public, but they looked like they've been together for some time!

Justin Bieber is only 16 and he's making all other boyfriends look terrible. Last week he bought nearly an entire flower store and had them spread throughout Selena Gomez's home. Justin called the store and told the florist that he wanted however many flowers it would take to cover her house. Get this-it wasn't even Valentine's Day. Supposedly, Selena LOVED the gift. In other dramatic Bieber news, he tweeted that he was thinking about getting a haircut, and then he did it. It's not buzzed, but Biebs cut a decent amount off his famous mane and said that he is donating his leftover locks to charity. He calls the new 'do, a "more mature look".