Shreveport Had a Day Full of Joy, Hope and Excitement on Thursday April 18th.

Shreveport held a celebration for "50 Cent", there was a ceremonial press conference on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 4 pm on the steps of Government Plaza, located at 505 Travis Street, Shreveport, Louisiana and Shreveport showed up. The crowd couldn’t contain its excitement. It was a beautiful day for everyone who calls Shreveport home.

It Isn't Just the G-Unit Studios, “50 Cent” Claims He Wants to Restore Nightlife in Downtown Shreveport.

Could we expect more clubs moving into downtown Shreveport? In the media room “50 Cent” claimed that he wanted to add more to the downtown nightlife so after big events we have clubs to go to. We love the promise of a better and more fun Shreveport.

TSM Staff
TSM Staff

Shortly After the Ceremonial Press Conference Several "50 Cent" Projects Started to Leak.

One event has us all waiting not so patiently. We were told there is an epic festival coming our way called Humor Harmony Weekend. It will take over Shreveport on August 8th to the 12th. If you go to the website there is only an option to click to sign up for information when it becomes available.

"50 Cent" took to his socials to say "Next up, Humor & Harmony Weekend coming to Shreveport Summer 2024! You won’t want to miss all the talent I’m bringing to town! Sign up at for more info!"

If you want to be the first to know everything about 50 Cent's Humor Harmony Weekend just click here to sign up.

History Of Geek'd Con Guests

Geek'd Con is Shreveport's biggest comic and pop culture event. Launching in 2015, the event quickly became one of the premiere comic con style events in the entire state of Louisiana.

A big part of that growth has been the celebrity guest lineups. Since the first show in 2015, the quality of guests attending Geek'd Con rivals any pop culture event of this size. From classic Star Wars stars to guests from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Geek'd Con has welcomed the biggest names from multiple generations. Here's a look at the history of guests at Geek'd Con.

Gallery Credit: Geek'd Con

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