In a City Where We are Known for Some of the Best Food Around, We are Bound to Be on the Heavy Side Right?

I remember living in Tyler, Texas and making my way to Shreveport to try new foods and explore all the cuisines that Shreveport had to offer. You have to love a place with a diverse restaurant lineup and we are proud of the options we have. Unfortunately our love of food has caught up to us. Shreveport, Louisiana was just named by WalletHub as one of the fattest cities in America.

How Did Shreveport Earn the Title of One of the Fattest Cities in America?

Every year WalletHub ranks the 182 biggest cities in America from the healthiest to the least healthy, based on multiple factors. It isn't just physical health, they factor in healthcare costs and random things like fruit and vegetable consumption. They even look at what every city has to offer when it comes to trails and opportunities to get in shape.  , fitness levels and parks, trails, and bike paths.

How Do We Get Healthier? We Can Start By Changing Our Eating Habits.

Where do you normally go for lunch? Are there healthy options available? I have a friend who orders a delicious meal at El Cabo Verde and there have to be other places where you enjoy eating healthy right? Let me know your favorite spots for a healthy lunch by messaging me directly.

See Shreveport-Bossier's Top 10 Restaurants to Break Your Fast for Lent

We know that a lot of the dishes we talk about here are seafood, which you can totally eat during Lent, but not in the quantities we're thinking of!

Who Has the Best Oysters in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA?

We turned to social media and to determine who has the best oysters, either raw or fried, in all of Shreveport-Bossier City, LA, and here are the top five plus an honorable mention!

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