From TV anchors to mall-walkers, hot-dog salesmen to Superior waiters. Who is the most famous person in Shreveport?

This all started today at work where we tried to make a case for a particular person being the "most famous" in town. The argument isn't necessarily that you know this person on a personal level, or even know their full name, but you do KNOW this person and everyone else does too.

That's the criteria. People who are simply well-known around Shreveport.

I made the case for one person, who I've always said is the most famous person in town, and that's Dennis the mall-walker. You might not have known his name, but if you've lived and shopped in Shreveport for any amount of time, you've definitely seen him countless times. I believe he is the most famous person in Shreveport, but I could also make a strong case for the best waiter in town, Pepito Munoz from Superior.

Before you vote, understand what I'm looking for. I'm talking about someone that when they walk in the room, people notice them. People that get stopped while walking every three steps. You may not know them by name, but you definitely know them.

So using a collection of nominations from around the building, I believe I've put together a poll with the most recognizable names/faces in Shreveport. If you believe it's someone I have left off, please add your suggestion!

Vote on who you believe is the most famous!

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