It's National Catfish Day and I can't believe that here in our neck of the woods, it's not some kind of holiday.  One of those days where we can all head out to our favorite spot and pig out like it's another Thanksgiving of sorts.

But, since we all have to work, in all likelihood, if we want to partake in the celebration, we'll have to let someone else do the cooking.  Because we all know that the real, absolute best fried fish around, really isn't even catfish.  It's golden fillets of white perch and the best around are at whomever's house is willing to cook them!

However, that's a completely different story!  Today, it's all about those whiskered, bottom feeders, and just how good they are after a peanut oil bath!

Back when I was a kid, we really only had to make one big decision if my dad or my grandfather weren't cooking.  It was either Cypress Inn or Kool Point.  Course those days are long gone, so I figured I needed a little help to figure out just who might have the best around, I turned to Google and the Yelp website gave me their idea as to who might be deemed the king of catfish here in the area.

Here's Yelp's idea of the Top 10:

  1. Orlandeaux's Cafe
  2. 20 20 Seafood Restaurant
  3. Jan's River Restaurant
  4. Marilynn's Place
  5. Cassandra's Louisiana Kitchen
  6. Sam's Southern Eatery on Greenwood Road
  7. Johnny's Catfish and Seafood
  8. Herby-K's
  9. Sam's Southern Eatery on North Market
  10. Captain John's Seafood

Really?  That's the Top 10?  Shane's isn't on the list?  Have these people lost their minds?  What about our buddy Lane Howard at Anything Goes Catering?  Amazing catfish.  Or Big Pines Lodge on Caddo Lake? Not even a single mention.

So, who's got the absolute best fried catfish around?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and be sure to tune in Gary & Bristol tomorrow morning to give your thoughts on Kiss Country 93.7

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