Have You Seen All the Videos Popping Up Lately of Crawfish All Over the Road?

The first time I saw a video of crawfish all over the road I thought maybe a crawfish truck had turned over. We have all seen so many videos of trucks that flipped over and the produce just spills out over the roadway right? If you see crawfish all over the road, it isn't because there is a turned over truck nearby, at least not with the weather we have been having.

Should You Keep a Sack in Your Car In Case You Spot Crawfish Everywhere?

If you claim that you wont pull over to get some free crawfish you are lying to yourself, we have paid an astronomical amount for crawfish this year. So who wouldn't jump at the thought of free crawfish? Why are we all anticipating driving up on a roadway full of crawfish? We can thank the erratic weather we have been having in Louisiana.

Louisiana Crawfish Co. took to their TikTok to explain why so many people are seeing crawfish out of ponds. "Sometimes when the ponds get low of oxygen, the crawfish try to get out of there in order to get oxygen. If you get a Big Water fluctuation, if the water either comes up real high or goes down real low, you can also see the crawfish try to migrate out of those ponds and try to find a safer place." You can check out their video below.

@louisianacrawfishco Keep an empty sack in the car, just in case… These crawfish were placed there for demonstration purposes, but this is a real phenomenon! Check out our “Cinco De Bayou” specials! #crawfish#farming#louisiana#cajun#swamps#neworleans♬ original sound - louisianacrawfishco

Things Louisiana Folks Would Give Up for Affordable Crawfish

Crawfish prices are through the roof this year and these are a few of the things afficiandos would do to get some affordable bugs.

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