Last Year Was One for the Books When it Came to Trying to Find Sriracha.

I remember stocking up on Sriracha when I could find it. Sriracha lovers all over America had to ration their intake of the delicious spicy sauce. This hot sauce that can go on any type of food is made from sun-ripened red jalapeño-hybrid chili peppers.

David McNew, Stringer, Getty Images
David McNew, Stringer, Getty Images

Huy Fong Foods, Inc. is the nation’s leading sriracha sauce manufacturer, they warned us of the scary shortage coming in April of 2022. claims that Huy Fong Foods, Inc. sent a letter to customers telling them to prepare for the impending shortage. The letter said “Due to weather conditions affecting the quality of chili peppers, we now face a more severe shortage of chili,” the company said. “Unfortunately, this is out of our control, and without this essential ingredient, we are unable to produce any of our products.”. 

Crop Failure Leads To Shortage Of Popular Sriracha Sauce
Justin Sullivan, Staff, Getty Images

These peppers rely heavily on good weather since the weather has not made the plants happy the chili crop for 2022 was horrid.

Due to the weather, all Sriracha Sauce orders were put on hold until September 2022. The hope is that the chili peppers will grow in better temperatures.

Unfortunately, Turns Out This Issue Was Not Just for 2022. claims that because of the bad crop, there is now an “unprecedented inventory shortage”. How long will this shortage last? No one really knows.

Will You Be Rationing Your Sriracha Intake?

I probably will go purchase an extra bottle or two, I can't imagine having several of my favorite meals without it.

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