The Villagio in Bossier is going to be packed with people from our area who are pledging toPractice Safe Text. We have all been guilty of being distracted while driving, browsing the internet, texting, applying lipstick, turning around to check the baby...whatever...but today, we are ALL making the pledge to be safer on the road.

My daily commute is fairly long. I'm on the road at least 2 hours daily. A driver texting is very easy to spot because they resemble a drunk driver. The speed usually increases and decreases randomly, they swing from crossing the left line to the right line. Suddenly, the driving corrects itself and becomes normal again, only to go back to incredibly dangerous driving again.

As a driver, it's very scary for me to be around someone like that. I immediately want to get away from them, but I'm afraid to pass, afraid to be in front of them and afraid to be behind them, but I feel my best bet is to slow down and stay as far behind them as possible. This driver caught a video of what it looks like to be behind someone texting and driving. So, if you've never seen what you look like when you drive...maybe this will inspire you to come out today to take the pledge!


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