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With so many reports of restaurants (both local and chain) going belly up, it's refreshing to see a company pushing forward with a plan to open quite a few locations in Louisiana.  The national hot-dog restaurant chain known as Wienerschnitzel is that trailblazer.

Yesterday, Wienerschnitzel Director of Franchise Development Ted Milburn made the announcement during an interview with Franchising.com.  Milburn claimed that the Louisiana deal inked with Lake Charles-based, Henderson Family Restaurants was one of 2 agreements signed recently that will greatly expand Wienerschnitzel's presence in the south.  According to the report, all of the stores will be built and opened over a 13-year period.

To date, Wienerschnitzel has 325 stores operating in 11 states.  New stores in Louisiana and a bunch of new locations in Texas (32-store development agreement in the Houston area) will bring the number of Wienerschnitzel-occupied states to 12.  No information was given on specific cities or dates for the new locations, but with 20 stores planned - there's a much better than average chance at least one will end up in the Shreveport - Bossier City area.

Wienerschnitzel was founded by John Galardi in 1961 with as a single hot dog stand in Wilmington, California.  Now, the giant hot-dog purveyor serves up around 120 million hot dogs every year!

Update: After this article was published, Wienerschnitzel Director of Franchise Development Ted Milburn reached out to me with further details.  Although no specific location was mentioned, he did confirm that the Shreveport - Bossier City area was definitely on Wienerschnitzel's radar.

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