Win $25 Louisiana Boardwalk Gift Cards With Jay Walking Giveaway

The contest will take place at any time between Tuesday, April 2, 2019, between approximately 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.  Listeners of K945 will have the opportunity to win up to three $25 Louisiana Boardwalk gift cards by playing 'Jay Walking' on-site at the Outlets of the Louisiana Boardwalk.

There could be potentially be no winner or up to two winners. Winners must live within the listening area. Contestants will be selected randomly from clientele already on-site at the Outlets of the Louisiana Boardwalk.

To play, contestants must sign a waiver consenting to be videoed and have that video placed on all KRUF-FM digital platforms and/or played on air. The contest will consist of up to three random trivia questions. Depending on whether or not the contestant answers the questions correctly determines the prize obtained.

If the contestant fails to correctly answer the first question, they will not receive a prize. If the contestant correctly answers the first question, but not the second, they will receive one $25 Louisiana Boardwalk certificate. If the contestant answers the first two questions correctly, but not the third, they will receive two $25 Louisiana Boardwalk gift cards. If the contestant answers all three trivia questions correctly, they will win all three $25 Louisiana Boardwalk gift cards.

There are a total of three $25 Louisiana Boardwalk gift cards available to win.

All decisions are final. K945 is not responsible for any technical issues that may arise.

For complete K945 contest rules, click here.