K945 has teamed up with Interscope Records and The Sand Bar to send you to Vegas to see Madonna at her SOLD OUT show in October at the MGM Grand!

What could be better than seeing one of the biggest stars in the world, in one of the coolest cities on the planet?!?!?! Starting today (4/17) listen for your chance to get registered to play Shock Collar Karaoke to win your way to see Madonna in Vegas! What? You thought we were going to make it easy? Not a chance! We want to make sure we send the biggest Madonna fan in the SBC to see her in Sin City! We've got step by step instructions on what you need to do to win below!

1. Listen to Stifler and Bristol weekdays

2. They'll tell you when to call, when they do, complete the Madonna lyric they throw at you. If you can, you're registered to play Shock Collar Karaoke at The Sand Bar Thursday, April 26th.

3. All of the fine folks who get registered will then meet at The Sand Bar Thursday, April 26th after the Horseshoe's Rooftop Party (around 10pm-ish) where we'll play Shock Collar Karaoke. Clearly, you have to be 21+ to win the trip. We can't send someone who's not 'of age' to Vegas. That would just be too much of a liability.

4. Each person who plays Shock Collar Karaoke will have to sign a waiver releasing K945, Town Square Media, Interscope Records, Madonna and The Sand Bar from any liability. The last person standing wins the trip. It's just that easy!

How do you play Shock Collar Karaoke? It's easy! You wear a shock collar! You sing karaoke. Except you don't get to see the lyrics. Every time you mess up, you get a little shocky, shock. On the third shock, you're out! Each round will get progressively more difficult. That's about it! If you can think of any more questions, post 'em here or email us:)

In short, it's time to start brushing up on your Madonna lyrics. Might we recommend Madonna's YouTube channel?