Prize Fest kicked off this week, and downtown Shreveport is busy with events, a pinball palace, and a temporary park.  They have taken over that whole downtown area for a several nights of food, films and music.

On Thursday night the winner for Music Prize was announced and the winner is...

Ricky Latt and Tipsey the Band!

They won the Music Prize Trophy, $2,500 cash and the opening spot for the Bully/Superchunk concert Saturday, October 6th.

There next event is tonight. They will be awarding the Food Prize's golden fork to a chef followed by their Downtown Food Crawl. This is where you can visit thirteen different locations to try out special drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. You'll get to take a free ride on a white trolley that will take you around to each spot.

To check out everything that is going on with Prize Fest keep an eye on their Facebook page. Click here to see it or check out their website here.