I grew up playing video games. I'm no stranger to challenges on the computer and on the family tv in the living room. Much to the chagrin of my parents, might I add. Anyhow here's a game that's addictive, fun, but will have you cursing out your computer screen.


Your eyes do NOT deceive you. I'm talking about Winnie the Pooh. Come to find out all of Winnie's friends are quiet the pitching core.

I was challenged to see how far I could get. I was told it's tough it's extreme and you'll give up soon. I scoffed! How could a Winnie the Pooh game be that tough! I mean come on it's made for kids.

After about an hour I gave up on Owl.


Look at him. So smug!

Say goodbye to whatever free time you had today. You'll be doing this for a while.

Here's my stats ... if you can beat me I'll be impressed, but mainly jealous. This is SO doable!


AHH! I can't waste my whole day on this game!!!!

... .... maybe another 15 minutes wouldn't hurt?