Sorry Hot trainer, I'm following this genius New Yorker on her health journey. According to a writer for, she lost 5 pounds in a week.

Charlotte Palermino had some simple rules for her pizza Cleanse:

  • "There must be crust and no cauliflower/hummus stuff. I'm talking dough that my non-celiac stomach can handle."
  • "There must be cheese or topping."
  • "There must be some sort of sauce (olive oil counts)."
  • "If I start to develop scurvy, I'm allowed to sprinkle kale or whatever on it."
  • "No supplementary foods or alcohol (I'm cleansing, OK?)."
  • "Coffee is allowed because the last time I didn't drink coffee, I got into a heated fight with someone on the subway.


Some days Charlotte would have 4 slices of pizza, and other days she'd down 12 slices. This is a cleanse that I could actually stick with.

There are so many places in our area that have stellar pizza that could help us all shed a few pounds. Drop the alcohol for a week, hit the gym a couple of times and get ready to slim up with your favorite late-night indulgence.

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