Imagine the strength and humility it must have taken for these men to return to Japan.

If you have had the opportunity to chat with a World War II veteran, you are incredibly lucky. You surely have my envy. I can only imagine the stories these men and women have to tell.

The closest I've gotten to these conversations is by watching films. Most recently I watched the movie, Unbroken. It's the story of Louis Zamperini, a United States Olympian whose career was cut short as he was drafted to go to war. His plane was shot down. After spending weeks lost at sea he was held as a prisoner of war.

The most amazing part is that decades after he was held captive, he returned to Japan to face those who held him. He did it out love, not hate or rage.


It gave me just the insight I needed to realize how difficult of a trip this must have been for these men. Nine World War II veterans made the trip to Japan to visit the places that they were once held.

Fox News documented their journey and took some incredible photos. You can see those photos here and learn more about these incredible servicemen.

I'm so thankful for these brave men and all those men and women throughout our history who have risked their lives to make sure we retain the inalienable rights we deserve.

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