One of the best things about Mardi Gras season is the King Cake. But if you're trying to make healthier decisions for 2023, king cake, especially my favorite Southern Maid king cake!) would be off your list.... until now.

Ochsner Eat Fit is bringing back Eat Fit King Cakes.  This is the 5th year this healthier option is being offered. The Eat Fit King cake is gluten-free, keto-friendly, is low carb, and... get this... has zero sugar.

Ochsner Dietitian Brittany Craft says it’s all about giving people a healthier option.

“It is a small 6-inch cake, perfect for people who have food allergies, or they need to eat gluten-free or they just want to feel really confident that they’re eating a king cake with really clean natural indigents,” said Craft.

The Ochsner Eat Fit King Cake has 4 times the protein, two and a half more fiber, 93% fewer carbs, and zero grams of sugar. Zero... Grams... of... Sugar...


But of course, healthy is good, but the big question is... what does it taste like? But Craft says the Eat Fit King Cakes are just as delicious.

“And while we love whole wheat flower, it does kind of lend to a gainer texture of king cake, so it’s still a very lite texture and you still have that traditional cinnamon flavor and you still have the color sprinkles on top,” said Craft.

You can find the Eat Fit King Cake all across Louisiana through different retailers. But, Craft says if you buy them online you’ll pay about double what you would in stores.

“Our suggested retail price is $12.99 to $14.99, but when you are ordering it online to be shipped if you have someone that’s out of state that still wants to enjoy it we ship it on dry ice, so that’s why its a little pricey to have it shipped like that,” said Craft.

If you'd like to try it, check the full list of retailers and to order, visit  

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