Times have been tough and money has been tight. This isn’t news to you. We all get stressed out by paying bills at least some of the time. So, would you give up sex for six months to just spend one month not having to worry about your bills?

According to a new poll conducted by pollsters at Toluna, 18 percent of people would give up sex for six months just for having the bills paid. We can all agree that six months is a long time to go without a little love, but oh, for just one month of peace from the people at the mortgage company. Really?

Even more people, about 26 percent, would turn off their TVs for only a month if the bills were paid. Proving that people can go longer without sex than TV for the same reward. Another 21 percent responded that they could give up their cell phones, and 14 percent would sacrifice internet access for a month.

These are all painful sacrifices to ease that one stress, but still, they would go without sex for longer. The one thing that people don’t seem at all interested in sacrificing is their looks. Only 9 percent of those polled said they would add 15 pounds in exchange for a month of bill amnesty. This makes sense, as it would probably be a double whammy, with the extra pounds diminishing their chances at having sex.

So what say you?

[via MSNBC]