It's not a new idea that people will spend their money on the dumbest things. I have seen my mom's pet rock from when she was a kid. Now there is a company in Canada that is selling something that most of us have just thrown away or poured down the drain. It can be yours for just $38.00. That is all you have to pay to buy bottled Hot Dog Water!

Shockingly, this did not happening in Florida. You will have to travel far north to get your own bottle of Hot Dog Water; you will have to go to Vancouver, Canada (#BlameCanada). Just so you know $38.00 in Canadian money breaks down to around $28.00 in the United States.  That difference in prices is still just crazy to me.

Why is Hot Dog Water a thing?  The people selling it claim it has health benefits to help recharge you.  To me it seems it is just away to make a huge profit off  of people who are let's say, less than smart.

As sad as it is I'm sure there are still thousands of people who will buy this water, I can only hope as a joke. Seriously, if you'd buy this then allow me to tell you about the mountain ski resort I'm selling here in Bossier City!

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