Whether you enjoy wrestling or not, this is a tear-jerker.

Seven-year-old wrestling fan Kiara Grindrod attended last night's Monday Night RAW in Memphis and was in for quite a treat.

The main event featured Sting and John Cena teaming up against the Big Show and Seth Rollins. The good guys prevailed as Sting and Cena came out on top. They celebrated on camera then Monday Night RAW went off the air. What happened afterwards, however, has the world talking.

When the cameras turned off, the two victors weren't quite finished.

Cena grabbed a microphone an informed the crowed that they had a "special fighter in the house." He told them all about Kiara, that she is seven years old, and how she has defeated cancer at such a young age. The crowd went absolutely bonkers.

The two wrestling   icons then made their way out of the ring, and over to Kiara and her family. Cena then hugged her and gave her one of his trademark wristbands. Sting followed suit with a hug of his own and parted ways with one of his scorpion gloves.

The crowd then began chanting "This is Awesome" and indeed it truly was.

Kudos to WWE for giving this special fighter a night she'll never forget!

Here's the footage!