I don't know if this is creepy or awesome, so I'll just call it crawesome.

One of the most random, yet totally necessary videos I've seen in a while, we see something we never knew we actually cared about seeing. An X-Ray of a human's mouth, while he talks. So basically, you see everything. You see his lips moving, you see his muscles jumping up and down like crazy, you see his tongue squirming around.

It's so incredibly strange, yet so freakin' fascinating.

German researchers are behind the viral video, where they filmed a man from the side as he says a few sentences, and then some vowels, consonants, and numbers, all while being looked at by an MRI machine.

The result is staggering.

Now, I want to see what a radio DJ's mouth looks like while their running 100 mph verbally for four-five hours straight. If anyone has an extra MRI machine laying around and wants to try it, hit me up!