Not too long ago, Apple added a very cool function to it's iOS.  For the unfamiliar, that's the operating system used in a variety of Apple devices, including the ubiquitous iPhone.  The status symbol / miniature supercomputer (that also makes calls) can perform some amazing feats using various technologies together in increasingly astounding ways.  I find that now Apple's original catch phrase for the iPhone is more true than it ever has been - "There's an app for that," indeed.  However, one of the latest features has more than a few iPhone owners are calling in-app-propriate.

About a year ago, Apple introduced an update that would automatically sort your photos - making it easier to find a pic based on something in the picture.  You could type "dog" into the search bar, and your trusty little digital assistant would find every picture on your phone that it recognized a dog in.  It's pretty amazing technology that potentially makes it much easier and faster to find that perfect picture of your cat from last year.

According to the NY Post, the issue happens when you type in "brassiere."  It seems like someone went out of their way to include this word in the list of 4,000 objects the program can recognize.  When you use this term, your iPhone will retrieve every picture of your chest - and it doesn't care if you are wearing a "bra" or not.  Stranger still, the search doesn't recognize terms like "penis," or "boobs."  If you are thinking it's because "brassiere," is an article of clothing - you're correct, but that's not it.  The program won't find pictures of socks or underwear, either. The good news is, there isn't a physical folder these pics are grouped in.  The bad news?  If someone steals, or just goes poking around in your phone and they want to take a look at your scantily-clad (or completely bare) chest - there's an app for that.

Apple is aware of this issue, but has made no comment.

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