YouTuber OHADI22 is the organizer of what is probably the largest cover band in the history of the world, containing 32 individuals and four ensembles, by our count. And awesomely, each contributor to this rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’ lives in a different part of the world — most of them have probably never even seen each other’s faces, let alone convened for a jam session.

OHADI22 edited together clips of amateurs performing the 1997 Radiohead hit, taking the song to an open-source-y place its composers couldn’t have possibly imagined. This version includes horn-section interludes, guitar parts landing at every point on the Handel-to-headbanger spectrum, and someone in a bear suit just rocking the heck out. (Plus, you get to see the inside of a LOT of stranger’s bedrooms.)

The best part of it all is the heart each musician pours into their respective performance. As YouTube commenter cccb3ta says, “This video is more than just a collection of clips sewn together. It reflects what a small world we now live in and that music is a more powerful tool than any other.” Win!